Club W is the first women’s only lifestyle space concept that offers a range of innovative wellness products and offerings for women only.

A Place
to Belong

The Club W concept is unique because it believes in the unstoppable power of women collectively coming together and supporting one another. Club W understands each wellbeing path is different, which is why it caters to every woman, regardless of their differences or activity levels. Whether they're looking for something that meets their physical, mental or social activity needs, Club W caters to each individual goal.

A Place
to Connect

The Club W concept focuses on creating meaningful experiences and connections. Build new friendships, learn health and wellness practices that members can take out of the Club and ultimately relax and recharge with like-minded females. Club W celebrates uniqueness and is here to support women on their journey towards a healthy and happy life.

Your Place,
Your Pace

The Club W concept understands each person will have their own unique story, and everyone’s wellness journey's will vary, which is why the virtual activity classes cater to all levels. There are no expectations in Club W, which is why the created programs and tools are designed to support, inspire, empower and motivate everyone to reach their own unique goals. Your members write the story, and you provide the space, support and programs to facilitate it.

Wellness Offerings in the Club W Concept

Wellness Space

Relax in a Wellness Lounge, which provides  space to relax, recharge and connect with others. Women can help themselves to a selection of carefully hand-picked teas, whilst they flick through one of many lifestyle magazines available. The Wellness Lounge is fitted with a state of the art air purifier that removes toxins from the air, in addition to world famous O2 Breathing Chair. This is the time to unwind, and rejuvenate.

Virtual Activity Classes

Club W offers a variety of virtual activity classes, catered to all levels and interests. Classes include Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Dance, Barre and Meditation. Virtual Activity Rooms have neon LED lighting, state of the art screens in addition to extra equipment (barre balls, bands, dumbbells etc.). Virtual Activity classes are always being refreshed and updated, and are tailored to get the body moving, blood flowing, and endorphins releasing.

Active Education Area

The Club W concept believes in taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, using Mind123 content to play in our Active Education Area. This area is not only equipped with treadmills, cross-trainers and bikes, but whilst on the move, one can tune in to either satellite TV or better yet, our Health and Wellbeing series. The short Active Education series provide insights from leading topic experts, ranging in nutrition, beauty, health, wealth and more.

Strength Zone

Our Strength Zone is an area where women can work on toning and strengthening, both mind and body. Studios are equipped with benches, dumbbells, kettlebells and more, in addition to virtual classes which can incorporate these weights with. If members are new to strength training, you can also provide a range of informational handouts including functional weighted movements and correct form & posture techniques. There will also be new video content for weighted exercises every few months.

Lifestyle Specialists

The unique advantage members get when joining Club W, is they have access to a variety of complimentary taster sessions with resident Lifestyle Specialists. These sessions run each month and members can gain a deeper understanding into a variety of lifestyle and wellbeing areas, including benefits on how it can be applied to personal and/or health situation. These taster sessions are free of charge, completely private and take place in specialised consultation rooms within Club W.

Events & Workshops

Club W can run a range of member and non-member events and workshops, which are free of charge and a great way for women to connect and interact. Events are a great way to meet other members, share stories and experiences, and learn about new health and wellbeing insights that can be integrated into lives.

Let Club W Become Your Second Home