What is Club W?

Club W is a women’s only lifestyle concept providing a wide variety of virtual activities that allow women to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Women can connect with each other in a comfortable and accepting environment.

A Place
to Belong


The Club W concept is unique because of the belief in the unstoppable power of women collectively coming together and supporting one another. Club W understands each wellbeing path is different, which is why Club W caters to every woman, regardless of their differences or activity levels. Club W is something that meets everyone's physical, mental or social activity needs.

A Place
to Connect


At Club W, expect to create meaningful experiences and connections. Build new friendships, learn health and wellness practices that women can take out of the Club and ultimately relax and recharge with like-minded females. Club W celebrates female uniqueness and is here to support everyone on their journey towards a healthy and happy life.

Your Place,
Your Pace


Club W understands that each woman will have their own unique story, and everyone’s wellness journey's will vary, which is why  virtual activity classes cater to all levels. There are no expectations in the Club W concept, which is why there are programs and tools designed to support, inspire, empower and motivate all to reach their own unique goals. Anyone can write the story, and Club W willsimply provide the space, support and programs to facilitate it.

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